Halifax Port Authority launches new Sustainability Strategy

June 20, 2024

We are proud to share our new Sustainability Strategy, and invite you to explore its content.

The strategy lays out our high-level sustainability commitments at the Halifax Port Authority (HPA) and will serve as a tool to help us plan for, assess, and report on our work.

Framed by the World Ports Sustainability Program, the strategy covers the timeline from 2024-2030, and commits the Halifax Port Authority to actions including reducing the severity and impacts of safety incidents on our people and communities, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and implementing measures to improve local wildlife ecosystems within and around Halifax Harbour.

The WPSP’s six key themes in our strategy are:

  • Community building
  • Health, safety, & security
  • Digitalization
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate & energy
  • Environmental care

“Our new strategy reinforces that sustainability is front-of-mind at HPA,” said Sara Colburne, Vice-President Strategy and Transformation. “We developed our strategy across HPA departments, with our Board of Directors, and tapping into the insights of our port community. We will advance our sustainability commitments through rolling action plans and will share details on our progress through the release of sustainability reports every two years.”

The strategy builds on the HPA’s Sustainability Policy, and will be followed by the Port’s new Sustainability Report for 2022-2023.

About the Port of Halifax

We are One Port City. Offering a natural, deep harbour and big ship infrastructure, Halifax can meet the needs of today’s shipping, cargo, and cruise operations, while building for the future with our focus on the three key pillars of community, economics, and environment. Collaborating and working with strong partners and stakeholders, sustainability is built into every facet of the Port and how we operate. To learn more about Canada’s preferred gateway, visit www.porthalifax.ca.


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Halifax Port Authority
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