March 12, 2024, Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Port of Halifax is committed to the sustainable growth of the cruise industry in the region. "We have been exploring options to expand our cruise season and service offerings for visitors coming to our Port,” said Paul MacIsaac, Senior Vice-President of the Halifax Port Authority. “The opportunity to bring cruise visitors to Dartmouth would open up new markets and tour opportunities. As we’ve been doing throughout, we will continue to work with our partners to support the Downtown Dartmouth Waterfront Revitalization Project and examine how cruise might be part of that plan.”

The Downtown Dartmouth Revitalization Plan outlines opportunities to enhance the area's open spaces, connectivity, emergency access, tourism options, and overall vibrancy in line with the broader community's aspirations.

As part its 50 Year Plan, the Port is looking at alternatives to traditional infrastructure, and the establishment of cruise ship facilities in Dartmouth could employ new, sustainable infrastructure. One of many options that could be used is a floating system, which is removable, takes up less space, and has a lower environmental impact than traditional berth infrastructure. “Everything we do at the Port is through a lens of sustainability. Looking into alternative infrastructure aligns with the long-term goals in our 50 Year Plan,” added MacIsaac. The Port of Halifax aims to see cruise ship arrivals over a longer season. This would benefit the whole region as Halifax is a key part of the Atlantic Canada cruise itinerary that includes Sydney, Saint John, Charlottetown and Corner Brook, among others.

"The Dartmouth Revitalization Plan is a transformative opportunity for our community. It's about creating a vibrant, accessible waterfront that all residents and visitors can enjoy,” said Dartmouth Centre Councillor Sam Austin. “The 'Cruise to Dartmouth' program by the Halifax Port Authority is a forward-thinking component of this plan that could bring long-term economic and cultural benefits to our district."

About the Port of Halifax:

The Halifax Port Authority is committed to ensuring port operations consider the needs of the community, local habitat, and short-term and long-term well-being. Sustainability is built into every facet of the Port and how we operate. We meet the needs of today’s shipping, cargo, and cruise operations, while building for the future, focusing on the three key pillars of community, economics, and environment.


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