Port of Halifax Transportation Infrastructure Projects Announcement

CEO Remarks
June 2, 2019

A tremendous amount of work has been done to get to this point. To the team that got us here, thank you. Our terminal operators, Ceres and Halterm. Our rail provider, CN., without whom, we would not be here today. Halifax Municipality. The Province of Nova Scotia. Transport Canada. The ILA workforce. The port community including marine tugs and the Atlantic Pilotage Authority. Ocean Carriers. The trucking industry. You may have noticed the containers outside which were delivered by Armour Transport. And finally, my team at the Halifax Port Authority who have shown not just commitment and dedication, but a real ability to think creatively and respond effectively to a challenge we have been wrestling with for some time.

This announcement today is a game changer. This is the transformative change we have been working toward. By better using the existing assets, we will be able to seize upon the economic opportunities that will come with larger vessels calling, increase the efficiency at our terminals and improve the quality of life for those living and working in Halifax by reducing the number of port-related container trucks in the downtown core of our city.

This will change the fabric of our city in the short term, and for generations to come.

We recently consulted with the public through an online engagement process. We will be sharing the results of that consultation in the coming weeks, but I can tell you the concerns raised over downtown truck traffic were loud and clear. The solution announced today will go a long way toward addressing those concerns.

The benefits will extend beyond our port community and our municipality. The rail solution announced today supports Canada’s international trade strategy by increasing capacity and improving efficiency through our international gateway. For the thousands of Canadian exporters moving goods through the Port of Halifax, this is very good news.

It will act as a catalyst for the digital transformation of our port. Now more than ever, the future of our port is not about trucks. It is about technology. The bricks and mortar changes will improve efficiency and increase physical capacity in the short term, and the digital advancements that are taking place will ensure that the additional capacity is fully optimized. When you have the right people at the table, with a similar mindset, working for the greater good, great things can be achieved. Thank you to everyone who helped make today become a reality.

Karen Oldfield
President and CEO
Halifax Port Authority