Supply Chain Improvements at Port of Halifax Supported by National Trade Corridors Funding

June 12, 2024

A new project to leverage advanced data analytics and real-time intelligence tools at the Port of Halifax has received $1 M in support from Transport Canada's National Trade Corridors Funding (NTCF).   

The project, submitted by the Halifax Port Authority working with Port partners CN and PSA Halifax, aims to create new supply chain efficiencies across marine, rail, and trucking operations through a data governance model and a Data Integration Hub (DIH) equipped with advanced analytics capabilities. Total project cost is approximately $2.5 M. 

Key deliverables include the development of three 24/7-accessible real-time business intelligence dashboards, tracking vessel turnaround, container movements, and truck scheduling and rail shuttle operations. These tools will help Port partners make informed decisions, improve Port operations and enhance the overall efficiency of the supply chain.  

PSA Halifax is also a key beneficiary of NTCF digitalization funding, securing $3.7 M to implement new terminal operating systems, truck appointment systems, rail optical character recognition portals, and remote reefer monitoring systems. These initiatives will drive immediate improvements in the daily operational efficiency, resiliency, and fluidity of container traffic in and around the two container terminals operated by PSA Halifax. 

The two projects build on the foundation laid by the Port’s Joint Operations Centre (JOC), established in 2022 to better synchronize marine, terminal, and rail operations at Halifax. 


"We are at a pivotal moment," said Captain Allan Gray, President & CEO of the Halifax Port Authority. "With this investment by Transport Canada in digitalization, we prepare for the future, strengthen the national supply chain, support sustainability in Port operations and drive economic prosperity for the region. On behalf of the project partners, we want to express our thanks to Transport Canada for supporting our project."    

"The latest round of funding from the National Trade Corridors Fund is strong testament of Transport Canada’s commitment to digitalizing Canadian supply chains,” said Jan Van Mossevelde, CEO of PSA Halifax. “PSA Halifax has been investing heavily in infrastructure upgrades and equipment purchases with the recent arrival of eight new electric rubber tyre gantry cranes at PSA Halifax’s Atlantic Hub Terminal. These investments coupled with the government’s push for digitalization will further elevate our port's capabilities, drive innovation and ensure seamless trade flow, bolstering the Port of Halifax’s position in the global market." 


Transport Canada news release, May 31, 2024  

Learn more about advances at the Port of Halifax that are contributing to supply chain efficiency in our 2023 Annual Report.  

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